2016 in Music

Stay Woke

As half the world watched global politics slide into a Boomer-backed dystopic future that was never meant to happen, numerous creative types had already began mobilising against the dark forces threatening to further polarise the folks Pollies like to call ‘the public’… to various degrees of success.

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2016 in Magazines


Magazine publishing is emerging from a difficult, transformative period in it’s rich history as traditional audiences have given way to a fresh, young demographic who expect rigour and thoughtfulness in their titles. This has lead some publishers to adapt and those slow on the uptake to continue to flounder.

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2016 in Cinema

Cringe Challenge

Superheroes and space wars seem to be the only universally exportable commodities big studio Hollywood execs care to understand right now. Luckily, there was still much to see in and outside of the Hollywood sausage machine. You just had to keep your eyes peeled.

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2016 in Vlogging


First they built the ideal framework for sharing video online. Then they built a network of creators on the backs of this ‘millennial’ (or as unkindly put in a BBC radio documentary, ‘pack-horse’) generation—a demographic born with the internet yet economically impoverished by previous generations. Then they started messing with them in a way that looked suspiciously like they didn’t really know what they were doing.

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